The perfect Käseplatte – The classic easy

Not too long ago I found you again for me. We were invited and I stood in front of a cheese hedgehog. Somehow, I thought: great idea, so beautifully Retro, and in no time I was also mentally in the cheese plate. I had lost up to this time completely out of sight. This is the cheese plate is a all-rounder. Ruckizucki and easily prepared and with little effort much. You can adorn Your Party Buffet, or harmonizes in a cozy round to a good glass of wine.

Arrange the cheese plate is really not very difficult. However, one can speak of a selection, You should offer at least four varieties of cheese. AND so there is something for the eye, best to make sure that it is appealing, beautifully made up, perhaps even lush. You should in any case also something for the eye.

The cheese is of course the most important part of a cheese plate. LOGICAL. But, nevertheless, I would like to give You first inspirations for other delicacies that will make Your cheese plate into something Special.




Fruit You choose, depending on availability. Offer it as a complement, of course, always wonderful figs and grapes (white and blue varieties). But You can also use other fruits, such as, for example, beautiful red strawberries, yellow luminous Physalis, dark purple blackberries, berries or tart currants. You can add to the plate with Dried fruit, which also goes very well with cheese.


Also here You can add the cheese platter according to Your personal preferences. High quality nuts are not cheap, but a perfect complement. Two nut varieties should, however, be Variation. For example, walnuts, candied or natural, and a noble strain of almonds, such as, for example, salted or smoked almonds.


Fig mustard perfectly complements to cheese. I love him and can't get enough of this fruity-sharp Note. But also orange, mustard, quince mustard or apricot mustard fit great.


If I have a cheese plate with olives and additionally, then, I prefer natural olives, not a dominant flavor by herbs or garlic. Also, do this according to Your personal taste.


You can loosen up Your cheese plate also ideal with dry pastries. For example, Grissini bread sticks, crackers or pretzels. The different shapes give Your cheese plate a certain.


And finally, a basket of fragrant bread and/or French Baguette of course.



If You have the cheese plate as the "main course" to look at it is calculated per Person approx. 170 g up to 200g of cheese. The cheese plate on the Buffet part, or as a Dessert, then approx. 80g to 120g of cheese per Person. It is also cut a larger piece.



Thus, the cheese can develop its full Aroma, You take it on a half hour before Serving from the fridge. When you Arrange a mixed cheese platter with different intensities, You can if You follow a certain palate of logic, and the Textbook says, at least. The mildest cheese is "12 o'clock", that means the top. Then the more intense the cheese follows in a clockwise direction. I don't care, I'm going to Arrange the cheese and the Gadget only to the eye. Who knows the palate of logic is that?



Der Klassiker für Deine Gäste ganz einfach gemacht -

There are incredibly many varieties of cheese. You can let You at the cheese counter for advice, and together with the seller, or the seller, a bit put together. These professionals are really very experienced and have given me always a good advice. Maybe You even have a cheese shop or deli in Your area. In addition, You can of course always at the counter to ask to taste a piece of cheese.

Here is my recommendation for putting together the perfect cheese plate with the cheeses, I take in the rule is:

Hard cheese

Hartkäse -


(Cow): It is available in different levels of Maturity, and cave matured. He is a Swiss cheese, and Gruyère Premier Cru even award-winning. This is one of the best cheese in the world. Gruyère is the consistency like Parmesan cheese and is ideal for the cheese plate, because it can be wegnaschen with delicious grapes.


 (From cow's milk, pasteurized): "The Gouda of England" is a perfect match to the bread and cracker, has a mild-spicy taste and also a very good melting properties. Something should remain, You can still use it to Bake.


(From cow's milk, pasteurized): Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get, but the absolute eye-catcher on the cheese Board due to its beautiful orange color. If you get it, crowns it, any cheese plate. Its consistency is rather hard and slightly brittle and the taste is rather mild. It is available in different levels of Maturity.



Die perfekte Käseplatte -


(Cow/milk): a Characteristic is the vegetable ash layer that runs horizontally through the center of the cheese is. He melts immediately on the tongue, tastes mild, fine spicy, and is also an absolute eye-catcher. Walnuts fit in by the way particularly good to him.

Die perfekte Käseplatte -

Wild flowers cheese

(Cow): he, Too, is just pretty to look at and very delicious. The wheels of cheese are coated according to the maturation period of approximately 6 weeks with fine herbs, plus a Mix and more matured. The essential Oils of the herbs-Blütenmixes about to go in the cheese loaf. It gets its floral Aroma and edible rind highlights the taste experience in a special way.

Die perfekte Käseplatte -


(Cow): A bright red accent and tasty. He has matured with sun-dried tomatoes. There are also other delicious Gouda varieties, which can visually clean Your cheese plate. Just hold in front of the cheese counter looking.


Soft cheese

Die perfekte Käseplatte -


From the goat cheese, there are an infinite number of variants. For the cheese plate, I personally find the goat's soft cheese with herbs is a fine thing. These there are as a role, or just in a different Form at the cheese counter. You can also, of course, a goat cheese roll from the refrigerated section and even a few dried herbs sprinkle. For the love of goat cheese I Fig mustard. Therefore, in any case, on my cheese plate is missing.

Die perfekte Käseplatte -