Pork tenderloin with Bacon in a spicy curry cream

To fall with the door into the house. I am one of the pork tenderloin always a part of the Team "cooked Through". I've had many discussions because of that, but I'm now just as I am, and I like the Filet just prefer if it is a maximum so sooooo light pink.

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One reason perhaps is that I found the thing with the optimum core temperature has always been stressful. There is a clear guideline values, but my oven or my pan is too hot, or I am distracted (as a mother already), to have 1-2 minutes are exceeded, and BAM! again, not perfect. Unfortunately, I don't have a high-tech stove with built-in measuring Alarm device and certainly flashy once the desired core temperature is reached. Yes, there really is nowadays, but you need the really?

Schweinefilet mit Bacon in Currysahne - www.emmikochteinfach.de

Anyway, in my opinion, you should leave the topic of core temperature, all four of them to be straight. The everyday life has us already enough in the handle and in addition we are no star chefs. My pork tenderloin with Bacon in a curry cream in the oven and the specified cooking time of 20 to 25 minutes, the fillet by, respectively, depending on the oven, maybe even a soft pink but for my taste not dry.


You can, of course, the core temperature with a measuring measuring device if You like. You say "delicate pink" is this the pork tenderloin at about 58 degrees Celsius and when it should be approximately 65 degrees Celsius. Where as the information also vary by approximately 2-4 degrees up and down. I'm telling you. You ought to my delicious pork tenderloin with Bacon in a curry cream once a cook, then You test for the first Time after about 15 to 20 minutes, whether it is right for You-cooked, if not, then it goes back in the oven.

Schweinefilet mit Bacon in Currysahne - www.emmikochteinfach.de


A beautiful and tastefully important facet in the recipe, the Curry spice. Thus, You give the court Your very own touch, depending on which Curry You use. There are so incredibly many variations from mild to sharp and very sharp, with the different taste characteristics. Incidentally, there are many smaller manufactories, the wonderful Curry in a very high quality mix, it's worth it there's always markets and to keep shopping in the city with the eyes open. For my pork with Bacon in a curry cream with the choice of curries is a filet anyway, to decide, precisely because it plays an important role.

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The court is excellent, by the way, if You're expecting guests. Then You can, depending on the number of guests, easily double the quantity and make it in a deep baking tray to cook. It is easy for guests so practical, because it is quick made, You need little pots and bowls and it comes in the oven. As a side dish, so pasta, rice or potato is actually, side dishes, and of course vegetables.

Should You be craving some more pork tenderloin in combination with Curry, have to try but once my grilled pork fillet-Apple casserole with curry cream. I also have a children's court with Curry and cream. The favorite food of my nieces is my chicken sliced with Curry-cream sauce.

And if You ever really feel like a absolutely uncomplicated pork roast out of the oven then I recommend You my super simple salt roast – a pork roast on the salt bed.

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Pork tenderloin with Bacon in a spicy curry cream

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This simple recipe out of the oven is cast in only 35 minutes on the table and suits any occasion. No matter whether it's a birthday, Party, Christmas or other festive occasions, it will taste to Your guests, family and friends.
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TOTAL TIME35 minutes
SERVINGS4 people


  • 600 g pork fillet - like organic
  • 12-15 Slices Of Breakfast Bacon (Bacon)
  • 250 ml whipped cream, mind. 30% fat - reduced fat products are NOT recommended
  • 200 g of Crème fraiche, mind. 30% fat - reduced fat products are NOT recommended
  • 20 g of tomato puree
  • 15 g of parsley
  • 1-2 TBSP mustard - variety choice, such as Dijon, medium, spicy or sharp
  • 2-3 TSP curry powder - amount depending on the variety, sharpness, and taste
  • 1 Pinch Of Sugar
  • Salt, pepper, or Cayenne pepper - for seasoning and to taste


  • First the oven on 180 degrees convection preheat.
  • The Filet largely with a knife, Tendons, and fat free (parry), in approx 2-3 cm thick slices (medallions), cut, with salt and pepper seasoning, and thin with mustard and sprinkle.
    Pork tenderloin with Bacon in a spicy curry cream
  • Each pork tenderloin medallion with a slice of bacon/Bacon wrap and the seam down in a baking dish put.
    TIP: If the medallions are smaller (e.g., from the tails) I would make the bacon, slice in half and cut.
    Pork tenderloin with Bacon in a spicy curry cream
  • In a bowl, add the cream with the Crème fraiche, the Curry, the tomato puree and parsley , stir until smooth, and Cayenne pepper, a little salt and a good pinch of sugar to taste.
    NOTE FROM EXPERIENCE: Please , no low-fat products, they have a low fat content, make the sauce, therefore, not smooth enough and may flocculate.
    Pork tenderloin with Bacon in a spicy curry cream
  • The cream mixture over the medallions and put in the hot oven on the second Rail from the bottom, In approx. 20-25 minutes to cook.
    Pork tenderloin with Bacon in a spicy curry cream
  • As a side dish go very well with pasta, rice or potato side dishes with it. I wish You a good appetite!
    Pork tenderloin with Bacon in a spicy curry cream


Have You tried the recipe once? What do You think of it? I am always happy to praise, friendly criticism, or Your tips and experiences. Let us via the below comments function in exchange to stay. That would make me very happy.
Pork tenderloin with Bacon in a spicy curry cream