Omis self-made Spätzle, according to s–ddeutscher Tradition

Yes, Yes, with the spaetzle is such a thing. I think in the South of Germany, no matter where you come from exactly, and you can't imagine a life without homemade noodles. You will encounter a small child. At home and in the Restaurant – even on the kids menu only with sauce.

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Omis selbstgemachte Spätzle -

For the homemade noodles, the preparation is incredibly simple, and yet a philosophy for themselves. Which flour one takes, for example. There is even your own spaetzle-flour. Usually, the manufacturer's special blends of flour and semolina or Dunst or are soft wheat and hard wheat. The mixture provides the necessary stiffness of the dough, and has the advantage that the noodles are nicely firm to the bite. Alternatively, You can also use a wheat flour Type 550. I am also always there with us in the Rhineland spaetzle-flour is not available everywhere is.

In addition to the flour question, but there is also the issue of texture. It is, therefore, one rubs or presses? Say, you want the scraped thickness of the Spätzle from the Board (requires a lot of Practice)? Short, knubbelige spaetzle with spaetzle grater pressed grated (spätzle) or long spaetzle with spaetzle press? No matter how delicious they always are. In the case of the Swabians, the last two variants are hot by the way "Lazy women-Spätzle" – the nerve ;-).

Omis selbstgemachte Spätzle -

If You get the spaetzle as a side dish to prepare, You will stay safe with the ingredients-amount still left something to be desired. If You don't have a lot of the ingredients are parts by simply 2. If something remains, You can still make cheese spaetzle or the Rest of freezing.


Omis selbstgemachte Spätzle -

Omis self-made spaetzle

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TOTAL TIME35 minutes
SERVINGS4 people


  • 400 g flour - Type 550
  • 4 Eggs - Size M
  • 1 TSP salt
  • about 220 ml of cold water


  • Put the flour in a bowl. Eggs, salt, and water with a cooking spoon, the beaters of the hand mixer or the kitchen machine to beat.
    Omis selbstgemachte Spätzle -
  • You're doing a long time, until the dough is full of bubbles and slow and tough from the spoon flows without tearing.
    Omis selbstgemachte Spätzle -
  • In a large pot of abundant salted water to a boil. The dough is now serving manner, through the spaetzle grater.
    Omis selbstgemachte Spätzle -
  • As soon as the spaetzle float to the top they are done. Now Su can take them out with a slotted spoon, just above the pot, drain and place in a bowl. Tip: If You soak in cold water for a short abschreckst, to keep the pasta Form and cooking, not more. Then You'd have to hold it in a pan with a little Butter and re-heating.
    Omis selbstgemachte Spätzle -
  • I wish you a good appetite!
    Omis self-made Spätzle, according to s–ddeutscher Tradition
    You could mix in a pan of Butter and bread crumbs, lightly fry the noodles in this mixture.
    The taste of the dumplings is dough to freely Refine. You can, for example, Parmesan cheese, spices such as Paprika or Chili in the dough mix. Or You can give chopped herbs in, such as, for example, wild garlic or parsley.


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Omis self-made Spätzle, according to s–ddeutscher Tradition